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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coret coret

Semaniskopi!! lama ga nulis blog.
Akhir-akhir ini gw selingkuh sama diary, blog jadi terlantar gini.. hiks hiks..

Well.. what should I say? lol.
So im just gonna write my condition now. No matter actually, but i dunno what im gonna do!
So here i am.

*at my bedroom.
*hugging my lovely bear 'si Putih' .
*using my little-red netbook, Acer. Ganesha. (hahaha..... norak banget nama laptop gw )
*sometimes checking my cell phone, is there any mail or not from my bf. lol.
*i am wearing a sleep gown, perfectly in stripes-soft-dark pink one.
*i made my hair become a lovely cute messy bun. Finally i can made itt!!! lol. gettin' kinda long now...
*i drink a cup of  china herbal tea. no sugar. (Hahaha..mulai diet gw skarang...)
*melamun gak jelas..... Enjel.. endak jelas. Haha. Craziii lol..

*...well.. im startin' watching some video. Buffering youtube lg cepett.. hehe