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Monday, November 16, 2009

No title - Nothing Special

I am a  . . .

Well - daku pengen sharing  pikiran-pikiran malam ini.
yang  pertama-tama, first of all , daku adalah pecinta berat photography art [istilah yg daku buat sendiri, haha]
beberapa jam yang lalu, saya di klak-klik alias dipotret sama seorang gadis kecil yang super-manja. Adek ku maksudnya.. hehe.

tapi sebelumnya, daku punya beberapa favorite quotes about my thing . Love this!

I didn't choose photography. Photography chose me. - Gerardo Suter - "Black & White Magazine for Collector of Fine Photography", page 118, February 2001

When you buy a 1/4-inch drill bit, what you really need is a 1/4-inch hole. Clients don't need photographers, they need photographs. - Bill Westheimer 

Photography is like making cheese. It takes a hell of a lot of milk to make a small amount of cheese just like it takes a hell of a lot of photos to get a good one. - Robert Gillis

and so on... this quotes always make me smile. :)
look at my smile, lol

i took this picture , love the background.