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Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I am so happy. yesterday was our anniversary day. Its just 6th month, but, its not an ordinary "just" but an unbelievable "just" for me. lol.
Well, my BF and me take the long distance relationship. We even never met each other  before. Texas > Indonesia .
Only make some talk on facebook, skype, myspace, twitter and SMS. So, it must be the UNBELIEVABLE one. *oh I'm gettin' hyper
Uh-yeah, for our 6th month anniversary, i made a poem . My bff told me that I'm a romantic person now , just becoz of him!!
is it cute? Totally! lol.
maybe this is not as romantic as a poetry from a poetry maker, but, I wrote this from the deep of my heart, and made this  just  for  him.

many cups of sweet coffee