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Friday, March 12, 2010

Nu Hair..!!

I'm coming guys. Now, with my old style, lol. You know, short hair + gadget freak + DVD freak + Books Mania + Pump Shoes + Vest and T-Shirt. That's my Hot [uncool] Style. Lol.
Well, I promised you all to post my photos with  short hair soon. And, hell-yeah, I will!
These pics taken when I'm at school today. Comment!
I love my RedWhite bracelets
Oops. I forgot that I had a 'bad hair day!' . lol.
We are unbeatable fun girl.! That's Gloria [*long hair & peace]
and Wirda [chinese one] that side of me.
I was edited this picture with photoimpact. cute background, isn't it?
Its funny! I really Love this picture.
fyi, I was in a BAD HAIR DAY,
and I had taken this picture some loose screw on my head. lol.
its not a cute photo. hahaha.

Well, I've been uploaded my photos. If you didn't satisfied enough, check my facebook out!
just search with my name : Aurora WibrianneFull  or Aurora Wibrianne II
 much LOVE


andy53nd said...
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Aurora Wibrianne said...

thanks a lot.. :)
even I am chubby, but its okay.. hehe

andy53nd said...
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andy53nd said...

only say :
ur'e welcome... lol

salam blogger said...

Weh Manis tenan e....