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Saturday, March 06, 2010

New Style, Should I ?

Its gettin' weird when I was started to write this post. lol.
OKay, now I'm startin' to write blog in English. Some people might dont like this new style of mine.
haha. But! Most people might also like this , coz this style is from request of them.
I won't write in English  if  they  don't ask me.. and begging like a baby! [lol. i'm joking]

Well, I'm not very well in English lesson on school. 
So, PLEASE don't judge me if my English isn't good. 
Uh-Yeah, I'm not a pretty good student  in English, but, I'm a pretty good English Debater in my school's organization. [I think] 
because..I've joined some English Debate competition, and its not unavailing to me.
I always got 'The Best Speaker' predicate... the adjudicators said that I have a very good pronounce. Lol.
 Although I didn't get any A+ in English on school, but I have a little  skill for English.
It is nice , right?! *happy

Well, as you  see on my main banner, my hair is so long. :) 
but now, it's too short again! *sad 
I cutted my extension hair a few  days  ago, just because  my school's rule! aargh. 
Hate my boring school so. Uh-Yeah, I'll upload my new photos soon.. i promise. 
And now.. let me share my favourite photos again. lol.

These Photos is taken when I attended a Thankful Ceremony of My Mother's family.
It's so cool. So traditional.
 I'm not even looks like a 16 years old girl! lol.
 traditional dress of my great place, Toraja
its unique, isn't it? 
there's a lot of  cool comment from European for my dress, love it!

Much Love, 
Aurora Wibrianne


andy53nd said...

Hy aurora
I always follow the update of ur blog
From this post, I think ur eng is good enough..
I wanna write eng too in my blog, but Not yet to realize.. lol

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